5 Never-Fail Travel Outfits

November 22, 2020Two Plane Girls

Anyone else have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear?! Turns out I rotate the same 5 outfits when I fly or take a roadtrip and they truly never fail. I love to pack fun outfits but for traveling my outfits are a little more transitional and functional. And layered-always layered. Regardless of season or destination, I rotate these same outfits but will make minor changes or add a winter coat and boots if needed.

  1. My #1 Go-To

This is my go to because it it’s comfortable enough to sleep but still nice enough to wear somewhere right off the plane. It’s my favorite go-to because I never have to think about how to throw it together. These shoes are seriously amazing too-they feel like you’re walking on a cloud and are great if you have to walk a lot through the airport.

2. Sporty Casual

This is my equivalent of “leggings and a t shirt” but make it athleisure. I have a few waffle crops I wear with it normally but really anything works and you could dress it up more or less as needed. Also love to wear the white sneakers with it because it frees up room in my suitcase.

3. Cozy Chic

This is my favorite outfit when I have a long flight because it’s SO soft and cozy! It’s easy to fall asleep in and you feel like you’re wearing PJ’s. This is the outfit for catching a red eye or curling up as best you can and reading a good book on the plane with a cup of something hot. β˜• Most all my two piece sets are from Riche Hippie and I’ve worn them to death! Other option is to do a jumpsuit which I love as well. I pair a sandal with this one because it is less clunky and you can take them off on the plane and slip on fuzzy socks for maximum comfort πŸ€—.

4. Runway πŸ˜‰ Style

Did my joke land!? This one transitions well from one runway to the next! Haha okay i’m done. All jokes aside, wouldn’t quite call this “runway” but it is a little more stylish and a great outfit if you want to feel trendy or won’t have time to change once you arrive. Abi introduced me to the Spanx leggings and I absolutely love. Again with the layers, you can wear this shacket open, buttoned, around the waist-whatever works! I paired it with these dupe Dr. Martens that are SO comfy and I get a ton of compliments. And they were on sale for only $30!

5. The Road Tripper

I wouldn’t wear this on a plane because I hate wearing shorts while flying. Personal preference, but I always get cold and something about pants just makes me feel more comfortable. This outfit is also super PJ-like, but can look put together if you accessorize well. I’d wear this on a road trip because it’s easy for bathroom stops, car naps, and driving long hours because it’s so non-restrictive. I have a great set from my friend’s new boutique that I absolutely love and looks really similar to this one. Also, anyone who knows me knows-I LIVE in these Cabana Sandals. I linked up another I have from Riche Hippie that are the same brand that I also switch it up with. Cabanas are super comfy but you have to break them in first.

If you’ve noticed a theme there, its stretchy pants, soft fabrics and comfortable shoes! I’ve traveled too many times with blisters, goose bumps and uncomfortable pants to avoid it completely when I fly or drive. Did we miss any? Let us know your go-to outfits!

Happy Travels!


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